Wade Grassedonio

     3 Minutes to God - Shooting Cows...and 49 other ways to see God in your Life! is a compilation of funny and poignant anecdotes that will help you laugh as you grow closer to God. Enjoy stories with titles like; Almost Shot the Dog, a Cat and My Surfboard; The Old Snake in the Bed Trick; Riding with the Blue Angels; Inventions and Bombs and Prison, Oh MY; and many more. 

Hard copies can be purchased at 3minutestoGod.com for $11.95 

                                                 What Others Are Saying about this book:

 “3 Minutes to God - Shooting Cows… is brilliant in its simplicity.  Wade Grassedonio uses a blend of hilarious and poignant personal stories that relate to us while revealing deep insights about God.  The end result is a better understanding of how God wants to work in our lives on a daily basis.”  Pastor Bil Cornelius, Bil Cornelius TV, Author “I Dare You to Change”, Lead/Founding Pastor of Bay Area Fellowship (one of the 100 largest churches in America)

 "Wade is one of the best story tellers I’ve ever known.  He captures the deeper lessons of life found in every day experiences... and has a way of making you laugh as you turn every page." Pete Johnson, Sr. Regional Director for Young Life

 “Wade Grassedonio is a professional storyteller. He knows how to tell a story, make you laugh, and show you the lessons to be learned from life’s ups and downs.  He will keep you guessing what happens next and challenge your heart with the application.”  Thomas Weaver, Pastor, Logos Community Church 

 “Full of self-deprecating humor, Grassedonio finds evidence of God’s love—and wit—in both everyday events and outrageous moments.  His insights, as well as this collection of anecdotes, are a divine gift.”  Shannon Trial, Teacher, Photographer

 "Excellent storytelling that takes both humorous and sober approaches to uncovering profound truths in everyday occurrences.  This book will make you laugh out loud, ponder the sacredness of life, and be in awe of the mysterious love of God."  Kari Kurz, Young Life Staff

“Heartfelt stories full of inspiration and truths that can be applied to our everyday lives.”  Tiffany Kayes, Teacher

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3 Minutes To God - Shooting Cows...and 49 other ways to see God in your Life!



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