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Egyptian Silk Cotton Linens


Have you ever slipped into a large cistern of butter? My husband and I do exactly that each time we crawl into our Egyptian cotton sheets. At least that’s what it seems like.


Egyptian cotton is referred to as the “king of all cottons,” and if you’ve ever felt Egyptian cotton sheets, you know why. Egyptian cotton sheets are the symbol of comfortable bedding, because of their lavish feel.


Why are they so coveted?


Egyptian cotton is made from special cotton renowned for its very long fibres (staples).


These lengthy staples form thread that is significantly finer than that of other kinds of cotton. Because of these thin threads, Egyptian cotton can have a higher thread count than other types of cotton.


The thread count of a fabric refers to the amount of threads that each square inch contains. A higher thread count means the fabric is more smooth and softer.


Typical shoppers like to have a minimum of 180 for a thread count. Sheets made of


What’s really strange about Egyptian cotton duvet covers UK fabric is that it actually feels softer after every wash. Cotton fabric might not seem all that soft to you when it’s new, but you can tell the difference after every wash.


You might believe that, since they’re so soft, Egyptian cotton materials must be frailer and less durable than other types. Not true at all. Because the threads in Egyptian cotton material are longer and closer together than in other types of cotton, they’re stronger.


Egyptian cotton bedding longer fibres result in the creation of yarns or threads with more continuous fibres. This yarn is thinner in diameter, yet stouter than that of other cottons. This smaller thread creates a stronger material which is light in weight and yet breathes better.


Egyptian cotton materials are famous for their robustness and durability. Their strong fibres make these sheets more resistant to stress. If they’re taken care of, Egyptian cotton sheets can last for decades, while retaining their distinguished look and comfort.


Egyptian cotton has an astounding ability to absorb liquids, giving the material deeper, sharper and more resistant colours.| Egyptian cotton’s amazing ability to sponge up liquids makes it colours sharper, fuller and more resistant.


Since all Egyptian cotton is picked by hand, the highest level of purity is guaranteed. Unlike machine picking, picking by hand puts no stress on the staples, leaving the fibres straight and unharmed.


Egyptian cotton sheets are less liable to pill after repeated washings than other types of cotton, because they produce less lint.


This aggregate of factors has earned Egyptian cotton the reputation of being the very best variety of cotton on the planet. Fabrics made of Egyptian cotton are softer, more elegant and more long-lasting than any other type of cotton in the world.


Egyptian cotton sheets are well-nigh perfect. The single thing not perfect about them is their price tag.


But when you account for the fact that they last a lot longer than most other types of sheets, the additional expenditure isn’t so much of a factor.


And Egyptian cotton sheets are actually a bargain if you take into account everything else.


















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