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Wet scrubber is an industrial air handling equipment used to filter off dust particles from air stream exhausted in industrial processes. A wet scrubber gets its name because of the importance of liquid in its operation. In wet scrubbers liquid which is mainly water is used to remove dust particulates from exhaust streams. The dust particles are captured in liquid droplets and then removed from the air stream.

Apart from dust, wet scrubbers are sometimes used for removal of gases too. These kind of industrial scrubbers are the essential equipments in power plants, fertilizer industries, steel plants, petroleum production units and acid manufacturing industries. Therefore wet type scrubbers are multifunction devices which can remove both dust as well as gases from heavily polluted air streams in industries and for this reason are preferred over several other air pollution devices in industries. These can handle both moist as high temperature conditions. They are usually compact in size and therefore do not require much space for storage like other devices. They can be easily employed in small industrial units where space is a constraint. Smaller size results in lower capital costs and more flexibility in operations. Not just absorbing odors, gases and vapors, the wet scrubbers can also clean and cool the exhaust. They can be used for applications like heat recovery from hot gases. Here the flue gas is cooled below its water dew point and the heat released by the resulting condensation of water is recovered as low temperature heat. A unique essential factor of the wet scrubbers is that they can neutralize even corrosive gases which would not be possible with simple air handling equipments due to the risk of corrosion in them.

It is good to buy wet scrubber for air pollution control applications in industries becuase of the safety factors associated with it. As water is used for cooling and removal of particles, the dusts which are flammable substances can be removed without any explosion hazards or other harmful incidents with these devices. No temperature limitation nor any condensation problems can stop these devices from functioning which usually is not the case in other air handling devices.

Where to Buy Wet Scrubber for Industrial Applications?

For those looking to buy wet scrubber for industrial use, can find some of the best models of ventury type wet scrubber, cross flow scrubbers, packed bed wet scrubber and low energy scrubbers at

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