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How to Write a Press Release?
Before discussing how to write a press release it is necessary to know what exactly a press release means. A press release is an announcement prepared for distribution to the news media. It declares something with news value to gain media coverage.
A press release can be divided into several essential elements. These comprise the caption or headline, summary paragraph, body text, the “About” section and then Contact section.
ï‚· Caption or Headline and summary
The headline is the first single line of text in the press release. It works as a caption and describes in short what the press release is all about. The writer should use it with a journalist bent of mind to attract attention. The standard headline limit is around 100 characters. Write a headline that provides the vital news information in an interesting way. Format for such a headline should be in title case.
The summary is a primary requirement of any online press release services. For summary, the writer should find a unique feature about client product or service. To add relevance, he or she can find the latest news that can be related to the product and present the overall info as fresh news. It should make the reader curious enough to go to the body text in order to find the required information. The summary paragraph is usually made of three to five lines comprising maximum 250 characters.
ï‚· Body Text Section
The body text consists of small sub-sections, such as dateline, introductory paragraph and product info details. The release date of the press release and the originating city along with state acronyms are written in the dateline of the press release.
ï‚· Introductory paragraph
The introductory paragraph is in fact an extension of the summary. The interest stimulated in the summary is answered in informative way in
the introductory paragraph. It explains about the news declared in the summary and basically answers the questions of who, what, when, where and why regarding the news info of the press release.
ï‚· Other details
The details after the introduction provide explanation about the product. This usually includes statistics, background, and such details like how the reader can avail the product through subscription online or through online payment and so forth. It also provides the detailed description of the product and its benefits for the reader.
The body text should be more or less than 500 words. The content should be separated in at least two paragraphs comprised of ideally five to eight lines each.
About and Contact sections
The about sections is in general a short section. It provides background info about the company or organization that is issuing the press release. It should be used to make the reader become more familiar with the brand importance of the product.
Contacts section contains the contact info. This naturally includes the name, phone number, email address, mailing address and so forth of the issuing company. It is better if the email address is same as the organization the press release is about. For example, an organization with a website called should have email address [email protected] This increases a sense of credibility in the mind of the reader.
Besides the above guidelines, there are such grammatical matters like writing in third person using they, them and so forth. You can also refer to latest press releases to get a hang of the writing style. Last but not the least remember that you are writing with the purpose of pre-sell but in the form of a newsworthy feature.

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How to Write a Press Release?



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