Linn Young

Wild Night

Lacy has been in love with Ian since she was a teenager. But before she could declare her love to him, he meets and falls in love with her younger sister.

Although heartbroken, Lacy is determined to put her best foot forward by beginning a new life and getting over her unrequited feelings for Ian. But on a fateful night, she is thrown into the arms of Ian, who is drunk and does not recognize her, and the two spend a wild, unbridled night of passion.

Feeling ashamed and guilty, Lacy moves across the country to begin her new life. However, Ian proves to be more persistent than she had realized. Once he realizes that it was Lacy with whom he spent the most memorable night of his life, he chases her across the country to find out if their one night was a one-time oddity or if their passion was a once in a life time love.


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Wild Night

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