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Access controllers are the systems to protect the entity from the unauthorized access. Access controllers are the best security equipments integrated with hardware, software and latest technological updates to make them more active and smart to perform high security and protection level of data, person, system and the complete process. There are various types of access controllers are designed and developed for betterment and extended cost effective services with auto controls and better manageability.

The access controlling devices are applied from small-medium or enterprise level security. This is a low cost, easy to maintain system. The access controller can be installed at entry or exit point or at multiple entrance locations to manage the inflow or outflow. Beyond security function, there are many other features of access controllers that give a powerful and strong automatic management system to any organization. It protects the entity weather physical or logical from any outside unauthorized accessibility which can create nuisance, theft, confusion or misunderstanding.

Few of the access control systems are discussed here. Basic access control system is a small device installed at the entry/exit door. The authorized people can get enter into the room, if they know the pin number or password that can be entered through the keypad to open the door. The RF cards are also used nowadays which have encoded tag inside the card to make the owner authorized to enter into the room. Many corporate are equipped with RFID reader card system to allow the known and authorized person only in particular system or divisions. These types of auto security can be installed at multiple doors to make systematic inflow and outflow of authorized resource only.

Biometric fingerprint technology is the latest authentication system, which allows only the right person only based on the fingerprint identification. As finger print for each people is unique and that cannot be duplicated. This makes the protection system most secure to access for concern authority only.  As RF card system has certain limitations that they can be stolen and mishandled but biometric system erode the possibilities of such theft and misuse of the cards. Your finger is your authorized code. There are various other access controllers used differently like Irish scanner, smartcard technology etc.
Along with security, Access control systems are also integrated with the time keeping system, payroll system, inventory system and CCTV camera to give enhanced security and better resource manageability.

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Access Control System - An Electronic Controlling Unit for Securing and Protecting Information



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