Ginny Dye

The Bregdan Chronicles begin in the year before the American Civil War - 1859.  Each book takes 1 year of history and brings it to life with characters the world has come to love! 

How long will it last?  That depends on how long I live. :)  For as long as I can write, I will continue to take 1 year of history and create a new book for this series (2-3 a year!).  Just like you, I hate for a great series to end.  Since I’m incredibly healthy, you shouldn’t have to worry about that for a very long time!

So, what do you want to know about me?   You know I love to write.  What else is there? :) 

Okay, seriously... Who am I?  Just a normal person who happens to love to write.  If I could do it all anonymously, I would.  In fact, I did the first go round.  I wrote under a pen name.  On the off chance I would ever become famous - I didn’t want to be!  I don’t like the limelight.  I don’t like living in a fishbowl. 

I especially don’t like thinking I have to look good everywhere I go, just in case someone recognizes me!  I finally decided none of that matters.  If you don’t like me in overalls and a baseball cap, too bad.  If you don’t like my haircut or think I should do something different than what I’m doing, too bad.  I’ll write books that you will hopefully like, and we’ll both let that be enough! :)  Fair?

But let’s see what you might want to know.  I spent many years as a Wanderer.  My dream when I graduated from college was to experience the United States.  I grew up in the South.  There are many things I love about it but I wanted to live in other places.  So I did.  I moved 42 times, traveled extensively in 49 of the 50 states, and had more experiences than I will ever be able to recount.  The only state I haven’t been in is Alaska, simply because I refuse to visit such a vast, fabulous place until I have at least a month.

Along the way I had glorious adventures.  I’ve canoed through the Everglade Swamps, snorkled in the Florida Keys and windsurfed in the Gulf of Mexico.  I’ve white-water rafted down the New River and Bungee jumped in the Wisconsin Dells.  I’ve visited every National Park (in the off-season when there is more freedom!) and many of the State Parks.  I’ve hiked thousands of miles of mountain trails and biked through Arizona deserts.  I’ve canoed and biked through Upstate New York and Vermont, and polished off as much lobster as possible on the Maine Coast.

I had a glorious time and never thought I would find a place that would hold me until I came to the Pacific Northwest.  I’d been here less than 2 weeks, and I knew I would never leave.  My heart is so at home here with the towering firs, sparkling waters, soaring mountains and rocky beaches.  I love the eagles & whales.  In 5 minutes I can be hiking on 150 miles of trails in the mountains around my home, or gliding across the lake in my rowing shell.  I love it!

Have you figured out I’m kind of an outdoors gal?  If it can be done outdoors, I love it!  Hiking, biking, windsurfing, rock-climbing, roller-blading, snow-shoeing, skiing, rowing, canoeing, softball, tennis... the list could go on and on.  I love to have fun and I love to stretch my body.  This should give you a pretty good idea of what I do in my free time.

When I’m not writing or playing, I’m building Together We Can Change The World - a fabulous organization I founded in 2001 - along with 60 amazing people who poured their lives into creating resources to empower people to make a difference with their lives. 

And, yes, I’m in a long-term, committed relationship with a wonderful, private person who would prefer I not talk about it.  So I won’t. :)

What else? I love to read, cook, sit for hours in solitude on my mountain, and also hang out with friends. I love barbeques and block parties. Basically - I just love LIFE!

I’m so glad you’re part of my world!

Ginny Dye


















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