Jack Olin

This page concerns a political autobiography about Sweden.

The author became autodidact within the educational system. Later, his doctors and the Cabinet denied him access to medicine when he searched for - and eventually found - a cure for an as incurable alleged disease.

Maybe in order to cover up, the Cabinet apparently tried to deprive the author of some of his human rights. He was marginalized to an extent that not even a paper that circulated in the Parliament and became law was considered important enough to be published.

Eventually the Swedish administration went too far, and a majority of the democratically elected Parliament’s members sided with the author’s opinion. The Attorney General, the Central Bank’s Chairman and Deputy Governor, among others, lost their jobs. Subsequently, the author was free to emigrate from Sweden under reasonable conditions. The Parliament’s Constitutional Committee also registered his proposed constitutional amendment.

This book is available in EPUB format from www.jackolin.net.

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