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From small scale entrepreneurs, big business tycoons to those who get monthly salaries, all these days are availing the direct debit payment options. Many believe that direct debit solutions have actually taken up a lot of banking burden specially while paying bills out of cash. Simply signing into the account makes your bank come down to your personal laptop and helps you arrange all kinds of regular monthly payments for a time period you want to set. Home makers believe that this kind of payment has actually helped them to organize the expenses for an entire year.


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The Payment Method in Direct Debit Service

·         For Direct Debit Service you first need to sign up with a company that provides the direct debit processing service. These service providers are generally BACS bureaus.

·         To make or receive payments directly, you need to get the Service User Number (SUN) from your bank. This is the first step towards making the networking between the payee and the payers account is getting the SUN.

·         After getting the SUN number make sure that the bank has generated the Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service which is a privilege provided by all privileged banks. But there is no fixed date when this service would be activated though the banks give an estimated time.

·         You need to direct the SUN with the bureau number which you need to ask to your direct debit processing service provider.

After this you need to wait for a period of eight weeks maximum to get the confirmation of payment processing which a suite of set up is done by the bank for fully availing the Direct Debit Service.  


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Methods Involved In Direct Debit Payments



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