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Never in history has higher education been so accessible to the general public as it is today. But do we really go to college just to get knowledge and the coveted diploma? Currently, networking is of particular importance, the foundations of which were laid just in the student years. What it is and why it is so important for students, you will learn in this article.

What is networking

The noun "net" in translation from English means "network", and "work" means "work". Literally, "networking" is "a network that works", i.e. helps a specific individual to better and faster adapt to society in social and professional terms. It is important to note that the main rule of networking is the principle of mutual assistance. As often happens with "new fashionable" words - they are new only in sound. Networking, or in other words simply "connections", has existed and will always exist. A wide circle of friends and acquaintances will help you find a good job, place your child in a strong school, or get the necessary document.

Benefits for students

It is at the student age that it is easiest to establish and maintain many acquaintances that may be useful later, already in adulthood. Do not limit yourself only to communication in the classroom, expand your geography of acquaintances. It is no secret that many of those who studied poorly or so-so at the university eventually made a good (if not brilliant) career, thanks to useful acquaintances and friendships. It is also important to be interesting and open to a new interlocutor, sincerely interested in communication. Nobody wants to communicate with a person who only needs connections. Networking is the art of combining great friendships with tangible benefits.

Another benefit of networking is that it can help with homework. Often when a student finds it difficult to do homework, he turns to essay writing services, and there he orders the writing of essays and dissertations. And thanks to networking, you will be able to establish connections between students and this will help you get advice from other students on writing homework.

How to work on networking

The student period is the best conducive to education and the expansion of the "network that works." Here are some ways to expand and strengthen your networking: all kinds of student organizations, including international ones - it is enough to join them and participate in various events; volunteering - find something that you like to do and do not mind the time, then you will really enjoy helping others (you do not need, for example, to go as an assistant to a cat shelter if you love dogs - find what you like, because volunteering is not a job); make business cards and don't forget social media. If you are in the process of looking for a job, do not hesitate to subtly remind your acquaintances about it. The main rule of networking is not to forget about old contacts. Dating will disappear from memory if you do not remind of yourself. Don't expect others to take initiative, focus on working for yourself.

Tips for introverts

For introverted and timid people, networking can be a real challenge. If you are an introvert, remember that: quality is often more important than quantity; existing contacts should be appreciated and developed; it is necessary to be an active user of the powerful weapon of our time - social networks. Invest in your future - develop networking!



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