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7 Time Management Tips for Students and Schoolchildren

Whether you're in school or university, you're faced with the same challenges: How would you plan your time more effectively as a student or in school to maximize your success?

For starters, ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Do you feel that there is no balance in your life and that you are overwhelmed? 
  2. Are you unable to find a balance between your personal life and your studies? 
  3. Are you stressed because of your busy study schedule? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions and the lack of time is annoying and frustrating to you, remember: if you manage your time effectively, you can study better, have more time for everything, and even hang out with friends. And it's true! You no longer have to feel guilty because you spent time on yourself and your hobbies instead of studying. Essay writing service prepared some tips for you.

Do the hardest task first.

There can be no two ways about it you can't manage your time effectively if you procrastinate. That's why this advice may be the most important one for you. Start using it today! After all, when you procrastinate, you waste time and usually in large quantities. Face your fear. If you're avoiding math homework, do it first or find homework writers. Once you finish the task you've been stubbornly avoiding, you're pretty much free for the rest of the day. 

The secret to your success is priorities.

While your parents told you that you had to study to earn good grades, they overlooked that they imposed a commitment on you to be a "stellar" student day after day without interruption. Your secret to time management is the ability to allocate your energy according to your priorities so you can use it where you really need it.

For example, imagine a flashlight. If you turn it on and leave it on for days even though you don't need it, you'll end up draining the battery quickly. What happens in a week when you really need the flashlight? You should never use up all your energy unnecessarily. You're smart, capable, talented, ask yourself - am I using my "energy charge" efficiently? Think about when you need your energy the most (like when you need to memorize a million French phrases for an upcoming exam) or when you should save some energy (like at a Thursday night party).

Find a permanent place for your keys - be successful in your studies and life.

Time management is about organizing everything around you. Answer the following question, "At this very moment, do you know where your car or apartment keys are?" If you don't know the answer, you're disorganized. And if you're disorganized, you're not using your time effectively!

Make small changes in your life and self-organize - find everything in its place. That means just nail up a hook for your keys and leave them there every time you come home. Or find another place. Create a file on your computer for each item. That way, you'll eliminate a lot of the problems that often make you feel exhausted. Wake up a little earlier to avoid the rush, and finally, arrive on time.

Aim for success and eliminate stress.

Are you stressed about everything you have to do and be responsible for? If you're a student, you're in "good" company - everyone here feels the same way. Fortunately, you have more control and options than you're used to thinking. The fact is, stress and time management go hand in hand in life, and when you conquer one, you can conquer the other. Start by eliminating stress - every day write out or mark down a list of everything you've accomplished, achieved, succeeded in this week!

It could be something small, like talking to your instructor about a question that arose from yesterday's lecture, or it could be something bigger, like waking up an hour earlier and exercising before class starts. 

Stop resisting.

When you encounter failure (such as a bad grade on a term paper or presentation), don't dwell on what you did wrong. There's no need to mull over every tiny detail. Ask yourself questions, give yourself honest answers, and draw conclusions. Now move on and prove your inner criticism wrong - you can do it!

When you stop resisting, all you have to do is start dealing with problems as they come and see the situation for what it is, rather than thinking, "How can I get through this week and not tear my hair out?"Start with the first item on your to-do list. If you have an English class right now, that's the only thing you should be worried about right now. Don't worry about what the rest of the day will bring you, but instead focus on what you're doing now. Hone the skill of using the moment and focusing on the task at hand.

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