Right understanding of helping others(German)

Right understanding of helping others(German)

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Author dadabhagwan
Category Religion & Spirituality
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Those seeking to lead a spiritual life, or just wondering how to become more spiritual may become inspired towards serving others, or giving Seva (selfless service). To learn how to serve God one might emulate spiritual people, study with spiritual teachers, or look to different types of religion and different types of yoga. But finding spiritual guidance on the topic of Seva is not always easy. One might be left wondering, Is service to humanity a higher means to make a donation or should I simply donate to charity? What are the best charities to donate to, or to serve? Or one might ask, How does Seva support my spiritual development? Is there spiritual power and spiritual transformation to be gained through it? In the book Right Understanding To Help Others: Benevolence, Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan offers precise understanding about people helping others and the many benefits Seva has upon ones spiritual growth. Dadashri explains that happiness begins from the moment one begins serving others and that, in offering Seva, ones life will never lack for material comfort and happiness. Among the myriad of spiritual books available today, Right Understanding To Help Others: Benevolence is a unique and invaluable resource.
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