Ultimate Financial Planning Guide

Ultimate Financial Planning Guide

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Author Nikhil Kale
Category Personal Finance
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Ultimate Financial Planning Guide is a simple, easy to understand and a crisp guide to your personal financial planning. This book details out following key steps involved in the process of comprehensive financial planning: 1. Organizing Financial Data 2. Monthly Financial Budgeting 3. Assessing your Financial Risk Profile 4. Assessing your Income and Expenses 5. Assessing your Assets and Liabilities 6. Assessing your Insurance Needs 7. Financial Goal Planning 8. Retirement Planning 9. Asset Allocation and Re-balancing 10. Periodic review of Financial Plan Also included in the Book: i. Financial planning pointers for professionals falling into various age groups ii. Detailed glossary of all the financial terms used in the book iii. Sample Monthly Financial Budget and Financial Plan Formulated by Ultimate Financial Planner application To further empower you to formulate your own financial plan, I have also developed Ultimate Financial Planner application to help you easily formulate a personalized and comprehensive financial plan for yourself. This application can be used on any computer having Windows operating system and Excel installed. Key Features of Ultimate Financial Planner: 1. Keep a track of your Monthly Budget 2. Assess your Risk Profile, Assets & Liabilities, Income & Expenses and Insurance Cover Requirement 3. Plan for your Financial Goals & Retirement 4. Provided indicative asset allocation in equity and debt asset classes based on your financial risk profile 5. Provided country specific data on inflation and rate of return on equity & debt asset classes to help you in goal planning 6. Comprehensive Financial Plan saved in PDF format on your Desktop! Please visit the following link to know more and download Ultimate Financial Planner application. Link: https://gum.co/UFPA This Ultimate Package of Book & Application would help you effectively carry out your entire comprehensive financial planning activity and secure your financial life!
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