Tales of the Dreamer Witch

Tales of the Dreamer Witch

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Author Tanya Ferris
Category Fiction , Fantasy
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Language en
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Tales of the Dreamer Witch (Amazon summary) fantasy series Tales of the Dreamer Witch features the space adventures of Sandra TheNox, also known as The Dreamer Witch, who has escaped the tyranny of the interstellar Palladian Empire and has been fighting for her freedom ever since. Story 1 (Theft of a Myth): Sandra Nox arrives on the primitive planet Phaon, where she earns a reputation as an excellent gladiator; yet, she soon draws to a close that promising career in order to pursue a much more important goal. Story 2 (Distant Planet): In this adventure Sandra Nox visits a frozen planet, in search of an ancient item which is believed to provide extraordinary mental and physical abilities. This time, however, she is obliged to enter into an alliance with her worst enemy. Story 3 (Descent to the Nether Zone): In this story, the Dreamer Witch follows her beloved Arion into the nightmarish Nether Zone, in search of a holy gem that can save worlds -in this case, Arion's world. Story 4 (A Ship Called Destiny): This time Sandra Nox wants to investigate about an interstellar slave trade taking place on the isolated planet Offir. For this reason, she goes aboard a weird ship that was never bound to cross the oceans. Story 5 (Beyond Heaven): This is the last time Sandra meets her beloved Arion, in a magic land beyond space and time.
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