Who Am I

Who Am I

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Author param pujya dadabhagwan
Category New Age
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There is more to life than just living. There has to be more to life than to just live. There should be a higher purpose in life. The purpose of life is to come to the real answer of Who am I? This is the unanswered question of infinite previous lives. The missing links of the search for Who am I? are now being provided through the words of the Gnani Purush (The One who is completely Self-Realized). These words are edited for the purpose of comprehension. Who am I? What am I not? Who is the Self? What is mine? What is not mine? What is bondage? What is Moksha (liberation)? Is there a God? What is God? Who is the doer in the world? Is God the doer or not? What is the real nature of God? What is the nature of the real doer in this world? Who runs the world? How does it function? What is the real nature of illusion? Whatever one knows is it real or is it an illusion? Will one become free or remain bound with the knowledge one has? This book will give the precise understanding of the truth behind these questions.
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