Vile Blood

Vile Blood

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Author JenGolem
Category Fiction , Fantasy
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Raised by a clan of demon hunters, Sarain was taught that her one mission in life was to destroy every monster that she could find. But it isn't until she saves a boy named Kit, that she starts to rethink her reclusive ways. Taking it upon herself to care for Kit as she helps him discover what has become of his family, Sarain stumbles upon a more sinister presence in the slums of the city than just a few blood thirsty demons. During her quest to put an end to the demonic activity that plagues the town, Sarain meets Winston, a charismatic and manipulative half-demon who is intertwined in the menacing plot. And in order to stop it, Sarain must determine where Winston's loyalties lie, and whether or not she can trust him. The Vile Blood series follows Sarain through hardships as she tries to find answers to her clan's destruction, as she learns to open up and find love, and as she deals with the mysterious nature of the extraordinary powers she was born with!
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