Turning Learning into Action: A oven Methodology for Effective Transfer of Learn

Turning Learning into Action: A oven Methodology for Effective Transfer of Learn

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Author TransferofLearning
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Turning Learning into Action enables trainers and L&D ofessionals to communicate what is required to get results from training and where the responsibility lies, understand the common pitfalls in the learning transfer ocess and how to overcome them, know exactly what they have to do in order to transform learning effectiveness through a costeffective, actical solution and assess future training to establish which training requires learning transfer and which does not. With actical tools, steps and advice, this book looks at why the transfer of learning has been missing for so long, evaluates current solutions, exposes their weaknesses and offers a new solution in their place. Here's a preview of the book including one full chapter. If you want to learn more, visit http://transferoflearning.com today.
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