Mystery Babylon Exposed - An Attack On Lawlessness

Mystery Babylon Exposed - An Attack On Lawlessness

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Author p.r. otokletos
Category Judaism
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This work provides a broad sweeping overview of how G_D's adversary works against the children of men through confusion, lies and deceit to keep people from the truth of the Gospel Message and the Covenantal relationship offered by G_D. The work exposes the false framework of wisdom woven into this temporal world (olam hazeh) and the solution for humanity ... Grace and Torah ... provided by G_D through Yeshua HaMashiach known commonly throughout the world as Jesus Christ. This work undertakes a broad overview of the Sacred Commandments within a Messianic Jewish context provided to us by Yeshua ... The Master Rebbe!At the end of the day we are either of this temporal world or not ... this work confronts the basic question of what this dynamic really means!
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