Benign Flame: Saga of Love

Benign Flame: Saga of Love

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Author bs murthy
Category Romance
Rating Not Available
Language en
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As Roopas father couldn't help her become a doctor, she marries Sathyam, hoping that he would help her cause, but when he fails her, feeling used by him, she insensibly seeks lesbian solace in her friend Sandhyas embrace. Later, losing her heart to Raja Rao, Sandhyas husband, she finds herself in a dilemma of love, even as Sathyams friend Prasad woos her to distraction. Unfolding the compelling saga of Roopas love and loss, governed by the vicissitudes of life, this 'novel' endeavor nuances man-woman chemistry on one hand, and portrays woman-woman empathy on the other. When, in an absorbing story, these and other inimitable characters began to come alive in an intricate plot, the author could sense that his maiden novel was turning out into a work of art on the Indian literary stage, and so he was desperate to live up to its completion in its poetic prose. How he feared death then, and what a relief it was as he lived to keep up with the muse to complete 'Benign Flame'! But what a poetic justice it was though that the publishers apathy, for a literary foray into an uncharted fictional arena, pushed him into Roopas despondent shoes, leg for leg! So to say, to atone for himself, and to earn for her the empathy, at least, of a few discerning readers, he self-published it, in which some have found freshness - its a refreshing surprise to discover that the story will not trace a fall into disaster for Roopa, given that many writers might have habitually followed that course with a wife who strays into extramarital affairs for, after all, Raja Rao famously goads the deviant Roopa to love Sathyam too to make him happy. Who said the novel is dead; 'Benign Flame' raises the bar.
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