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Ignacio Manuel Altamirano (1834 – 1893). Mexican writer, journalist, teacher and politician.

Altamirano was born in Tixtla, Guerrero, Mexico of pure indigenous heritage. His father was the mayor of Tixtla, this allowed Ignacio to attend school there. He later studied in Toluca thanks to a scholarship that was granted him by Ignacio Ramirez, of who he was a disciple. He founded several newspapers and magazines like: El Correo de México (The Mail of Mexico), El Renacimiento (The Renaissance), El Federalista (The Federalist), La Tribuna (The Tribune) and La República (Republic).

He was also public prosecutor, magistrate and president of the Supreme Court, as well as senior officer of the Ministry of Public Works and the Economy.

Altamirano wrote several books which had considerable success in his time; among them were:

  • Rimas (1880)
  • Clemencia (Mercy) (1869)
  • El Zarco (1869)
  • Antonia y Beatriz
  • Cuentos de invierno (1880)
  • La Navidad en las montañas (Christmas in the mountains) (1871)

His literary work portrays the Mexican society of the time. He died in Italy in 1893.

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La Navidad En Las Montanas

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