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Cover of The Moving Picture Boys on the War Front
Cover of The Moving Picture Boys on the War Front

Victor Appleton was a house pseudonym used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate, most famous for being associated with the Tom Swift series of books.

The following series have been published under the Victor Appleton name:

  • Tom Swift, 1910-1941
  • Motion Picture Chums, 1913-1916
  • Moving Picture Boys, 1913-1922
  • Movie Boys, 1926-1927
  • Don Sturdy, 1925-1935
  • Tom Swift, Jr., 1954-1971
  • Tom Swift III (Third Series), 1981-1984
  • Tom Swift IV (Fourth Series), 1991-1993

Ghostwriters of these books included Howard Roger Garis, John W. Duffield, W. Bert Foster, and Thomas M. Mitchell

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The Moving Picture Boys At Panama

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Tom Swift And His Aerial Warship

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Tom Swift And His Air Scout

Tom Swift And His Airship

Tom Swift And His Big Tunnel

Tom Swift And His Electric Locomotive

Tom Swift And His Electric Rifle

Tom Swift And His Giant Cannon

Tom Swift And His Great Searchlight

Tom Swift And His Motor Boat

Tom Swift And His Motor Cycle

Tom Swift And His Photo Telephone

Tom Swift And His Sky Racer

Tom Swift And His Undersea Search

Tom Swift And His War Tank

Tom Swift And His Wireless Message

Tom Swift In Captivity

Tom Swift In The City Of Gold

Tom Swift In The Land Of Wonders

Tom Wwift In The Caves Of Ice

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