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Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward

Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward (August 31, 1844-January 28, 1911) was an American author. She was born at Andover, Massachusetts, and married Herbert Dickinson Ward, in 1888. Ward wrote "Gates Ajar" and other popular stories, and was a great advocate, by lecturing and otherwise, for social reform, temperance, and the emancipation of women. Ward's mother, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, wrote the Kitty Brown books under the pen name H. Trusta.


  • Ellen's Idol (1864)
  • Mercy Gliddon's Work (1866)
  • The Gates Ajar (1868)
  • Men, Women, and Ghosts (1869)
  • Hedged In (1870)
  • The Silent Partner (1871)
  • Poetic Studies (1875)
  • The Story of Avis (1877)
  • An Old Maid's Paradise (1879)
  • Doctor Zay (1882)
  • Beyond the Gates (1883)
  • Songs of the Silent World (1884)
  • Jack the Fisherman (1887)
  • The Gates Between (1887)
  • The struggle for Immortality (1889)
  • with her husband, Come Forth (1891)
  • A Singular Life (1895)
  • The Story of Jesus Christ (1897)
  • The Supply at Saint Agetha's (1897)
  • Within the Gates (1901)
  • Trixy (1904)
  • Walled In (1907)
  • The Whole Family (collaborative novel with eleven other authors, 1908)
  • The Empty House and Other Stories (1910)

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Men, Women, And Ghosts

By Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
Short Stories

Men, Women, And Ghosts
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