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Guy Newell Boothby, (October 13, 1867 – February 26, 1905), was an Australian writer, born in Adelaide. He worked as secretary to the mayor of Adelaide before moving to the United Kingdom in 1894. He wrote over 50 books over the course of a decade, before dying of pneumonia in Bournemouth.



Some of Boothby's earlier works relate to stories of Australian life, but later he turned to genre fiction. He was once well known for his series of five novels about Doctor Nikola, an occultist anti-hero seeking immortality and world domination.


Doctor Nikola

  1. A Bid for Fortune: or, Dr. Nikola's Vendetta (1895) (AKA Enter, Dr. Nikola)
  2. Dr. Nikola (1896) also as Dr. Nikola Returns
  3. The Lust of Hate (1898)
  4. Dr. Nikola's Experiment (1899)
  5. "Farewell, Nikola" (1901)

Other works

Other books written by Guy Boothby include:

  • On the Wallaby: or, Through the East and Across Australia (1894)
  • A Lost Endeavour (1895)
  • The Marriage of Esther: a Torres Straits Sketch (1895)
  • In Strange Company: a Story of Chili and the Southern Seas (1896)
  • The Beautiful White Devil (1897)
  • Bushigrams (1897)
  • The Fascination of the King (1897)
  • The Phantom Stockman (1897)
  • Sheila McLeod: a Heroine of the Back Blocks (1897)
  • The Duchess of Wiltshire's Diamonds (1897)
  • Across The World For a Wife (1898)
  • Billy Binks, Hero: and Other Stories (1898)
  • Love Made Manifest (1899)
  • Pharos, The Egyptian (1899)
  • The Red Rat's Daughter (1899)
  • A Sailor's Bride (1899)
  • "Long Live the King!" (1900)
  • A Maker of Nations (1900)
  • A Prince of Swindlers (1900) (AKA The Viceroy's Protegé)
  • The Woman of Death (1900)
  • The Boundary Rider: a Play in One Act (1901)
  • A Cabinet Secret (1901)
  • The Jonquil (1901)
  • A Millionaire's Love Story (1901)
  • My Indian Queen: Being a Record of Sir Charles Verrinder, Baronet, in the East Indies (1901)
  • The Mystery of the Clasped Hands (1901)
  • The Rickshaw: a Farce in Two Acts (1901)
  • My Strangest Case (1901)
  • The Childerbridge Mystery (1902)
  • The Curse of the Snake (1902)
  • The Kidnapped President (1902)
  • Uncle Joe's Legacy: and Other Stories (1902)
  • Connie Burt (1903)
  • The Countess Londa (1903)
  • The League of Twelve (1903)
  • A Queer Affair (1903)
  • A Two-fold Inheritance (1903)
  • A Bid for Freedom (1904)
  • A Bride from the Sea (1904)
  • A Consummate Scoundrel (1904)
  • A Desperate Conspiracy (1904)
  • The Lady of the Island (1904) ("A Professor of Egyptology", "The Black Lady of Brin Tor", "A Strange Goldfield")
  • An Ocean Secret (1904)
  • A Brighton Tragedy (1905)
  • A Crime of the Under-seas (1905)
  • For Love of Her (1905)
  • In Spite of the Czar (1905)
  • A Lost Endeavor (1905)
  • The Race of Life (1906)
  • A Royal Affair: and Other Stories (1906)
  • A Stolen Peer (1906)
  • The Man of the Crag (1907)
  • In the Power of the Sultan (1908)

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