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Louis Joseph Vance (September 19, 1879–December 16, 1933) was an American novelist, born in Washington, D. C., and educated in the preparatory department of the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. He wrote short stories and verse after 1901, then composed many popular novels.

He was separated from his wife (whom he married in 1898 and by whom he had a son the next year) when he was found dead in a burnt armchair inside his New York apartment; a cigarette had ignited some benzene (used for cleaning his clothes or for his broken jaw) that he had on his body and he was intoxicated at the time. He had recently returned from the West Indies, where he gathered material for a new book. The death was ruled accidental.


  • Terence O'Rourke (1904)
  • The Private War (1906)
  • The Brass Bowl (1907)
  • The Black Bag (1908)
  • The Bronze Bell (1909)
  • The Pool of Flame (1909)
  • Fortune Hunter (1910)
  • No Man's Land (1910)
  • Cynthia of the Minute (1911)
  • The Bandbox (1912)
  • Day of Days (1913)
  • Joan Thursday (1913)
  • The Trey O' Hearts: A Motion Picture Melodrama (1914)
  • The Lone Wolf (LW1) (1914)
  • Nobody (1915)
  • Sheep's Clothing (1915)
  • The False Faces (LW2) (1918)
  • The Dark Mirror (1920)
  • Alias the Lone Wolf (LW3) (1921)
  • Red Masquerade (LW4) (1921)
  • Linda Lee Incorporated (1922)
  • Baroque: A Mystery (1923)
  • The Destroying Angel (1923)
  • The Lone Wolf Returns (LW5) (1923)
  • Mrs. Paramor (1923)
  • Road to En Dor (1925)
  • The Dead Ride Hard (1926)
  • White Fire (1926)
  • They Call It Love (1927)
  • Speaking of Women (1930)
  • Woman in the Shadow (1930)
  • The Lone Wolf's Son (LW6) (1931)
  • The Trembling Flame (1931)
  • Detective (1932)
  • Encore the Lone Wolf (LW7) (1933)
  • The Lone Wolf's Last Prowl (LW8) (1934)
  • The Street of Strange Faces (1934)
  • The one Wolf and the Hidden Empire (1947)

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Alias The Lone Wolf

By Louis Joseph Vance
Action , Adventure

Alias The Lone Wolf
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Red Masquerade

By Louis Joseph Vance
Short Stories

Red Masquerade
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