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Goldworthy Lowes Dickinson (August 6, 1862 - August 3, 1932), was an English historian and political activist. He led most of his life at Cambridge, where he did a dissertation on neoplatonism before becoming a fellow. He was closely tied with the Bloomsbury Group.

A noted pacifist, Dickinson protested England's involvement in World War I. His essay on the Covenant from the Treaty of Versailles (The Future of the Covenant, London: League of Nations Union, 1920) helped shape public opinion towards the League of Nations.


  • The Greek View of Life, 1909
  • The Choice Before Us, 1917
  • War: Its Nature, Cause and Cure, 1923
  • The International Anarchy, 1904–1914 1926
  • An autobiography, 1973


  • E. M. Forster (1934) Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson

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Causes Of International War 1920

By G. Lowes Dickinson
Opinion & Commentary

Causes Of International War 1920
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The European Anarchy

By G. Lowes Dickinson
European History

The European Anarchy
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The Greek View Of Life

The Meaning Of Good, A Dialogue

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