A T G Educational

ATG Educational

As part of the ATG Group of companies entirely owned and managed by one of Romania's best financial markets strategists and HR consultants - Mr. Andrei Taga, ATG Educational is devoted to providing timely, research based continuing education programs designed to keep you informed and up-to-date in the field of Human Resources. Our staff work to create programs that enhance knowledge, skills, competency and confidence.

Established in 2008 and operating from London, the company already holds exclusive seminars sponsored by major companies, where attendance is invitation - based.

Mission statement

Our overarching commitment is to education which enables individuals, institutions and communities to achieve their maximum potential. ATG Educational recognises that, in teaching and learning, clients and beneficiaries are often not the same people. We aim to meet the needs of beneficiaries and communicate perceptions of those needs to our clients.

All of our business is carried out according to our values. By doing this we are able to focus our work on improving education for public benefit.

ATG Educational corporate values:

- Developments which are inclusive, innovative and sustainable
- A strong skills and knowledge base
- The empowerment and development of its staff
- Individual and corporate responsibility and accountability
- Open and effective communications
- Professionally led and well-managed service delivery
- Diversity and the application of its global experience to all that it does
- Business disciplines that help to deliver cost-effective services

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