Andrei Taga

Andrei Taga books and biography

Andrei Taga

Andrei G. Taga

Born: November 1, 1984

Family: not married

Graduate school:

  • Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest – Faculty of Business Administration, Bachelor’s degree

  • University of Aberdeen in the US – School of Health Sciences, Associate’s degree in Psychiatry


In 2003, at the age of 19, he joins S.C. Gemini Hardware, a producer of electronic components for the military and health sector – as image and investment Consultant. Throughout the year 2004 his role was decisive in establishing a collaboration with one of Europe’s most important groups activating in alternative medicine and natural health products, Gruppo Bioera SPA.

At the end of 2005 he parts company with S.C. Gemini Hardware after a successful collaboration, only to be installed days later as Manager of Lee Robinson Media, an advertising company based in Bucharest, Romania. This was also the moment when Mr. Taga discovered that trading was the activity that best suited his personality. After successfully organizing the company’s activity, Mr. Taga decides to undertake an individual trading career, choosing GAIN Capital Group NY as his first broker.

In June 2007 he joins More International Invest, a real-estate broker coming from Greece, as Assistant Manager of Mr. Ilias Papageorgiadis. During his collaboration with More International Invest, Mr. Taga was offered a chance to get an insight of the real-estate world: the market trends, some of the people interested in developing projects and some of the procedures used in this domain.

During this time Mr. Taga also chose to develop his abilities in psychiatry because of his knowledge and passion for this domain. His work was proposed for publishing in Poland: Terapia Uzaleznienia i Wspoluzaleznienia (Therapy of Dependency and Co-dependency) magazine and Swiat Problemow (The world of problems) magazine.

Mr. Taga continues to be a full – time trader with MIG Investments Neuchatel, CH and Vanguard Investments Bucharest, Romania, while his research into psychiatry and the connected domains allows him to be one of the top HR consultants in Romania.

In 2007, when he was interviewed for Zycie Warszawy (Warsaw life), a newspaper in Poland, he was asked by the reporter: ”What is your biggest dream?” and Mr. Taga replied: ”My biggest dream is communication: if I wake up one morning and want to get to Paris, I want to just take the plane and fly to Paris without any setback”.

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