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Bruce Kasanoff is the founder of The Now Possible Center, which studies how people achieve "the impossible" and helps others do the same.

In 2001, he was the author of Making It Personal, a book about how companies can use technology to treat individuals like, well, individuals. In studying how people are different, Bruce ultimately became interested in how some people manage to far surpass what they previously thought of as hard and fast limitations. He realized first that limitations exist mainly in the mind, but second that mind over matter involves a great deal of discipline. This understanding led to the founding of Now Possible, which helps individuals on both these levels.

Bruce is innovative and highly creative. The world’s largest marketing professionals organization, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, cited him among their inaugural 2003 listing of the 50 most influential thinkers in marketing and business today.

He is co-author of Business Evolves, Leadership Endures, a book about the fundamental leadership qualities that never go out of style. It includes interviews with over a dozen CEOs of leading corporations.

Bruce has given hundreds of speeches (please see partial list at left.) He is effective both as a keynote speaker as well as an a highly interactive facilitator of a workshop session.

He was one of the original partners of the thought leadership firm, Peppers and Rogers Group

Bruce taught the "capstone" entrepreneurship course in Babson College's MBA program, and has spoken at The Wharton School, Yale University and New York University.

He is an elected member of the Westport, Connecticut Planning and Zoning Commission. He was a member of the Westport Schools Information Technology Curriculum Review Committee (a 2 1/2 year process). He is an avid skier and tennis player.

Here's a free sample of Bruce's work... a little eBook called "Less." Please click the image to download your copy.

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