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John Joseph of the Cross

Depiction of John-Joseph.
Born August 15, 1654, Ischia
Died March 5, 1739
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Canonized 1839 by Gregory XVI
Feast March 5
Patronage Ischia
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Saint John-Joseph of the Cross (August 15, 1654—March 5, 1739), known most commonly in the Italian language as San Giovan Giuseppe della Croce is an Italian saint. He is the patron of Ischia, the place where he was born.



Born as Carlo Gaetano Calosirto on the island of Ischia, he entered the Franciscan order at Naples at the age of sixteen. He had a reputation for austerity and for the gift of miracles.

In 1674 he was sent to found a friary at Afila, Piedmont. He assisted in the actual construction. He was ordained as a priest (much against his will) and as superior, performed the lowliest tasks in the monastic community.

In 1702 he was appointed Vicar Provincial of the Alcantarine Reform in Italy.


He was beatified in 1789, and canonized in 1839 by Pope Gregory XVI. At the Aragonese Castle (Il Castello Aragonese) on Ischia, there is a small chapel consecrated to Saint John Joseph of the Cross.

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