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Nicholas Zernov (also Nicolas, 1898-1980) was a Russian migr and lay Orthodox theologian. One of the founders of the Anglican-Orthodox ecumenical group the Fellowship of Saint Alban and Saint Sergius, Zernov organized the Anglo-Russian Student Conferences of 1927 and 1928 that gave strong impetus to theological contact among English-speaking Christians and Orthodox Christians who had fled Russia after the Russian Revolution of 1917. He was an associate of A.M. Allchin, Georges Florovsky and other prominent figures in Anglican-Orthodox relations in the twentieth century.

With his wife Militza he wrote The Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius: A Historical Memoir in 1979 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the FSASS.


  • Some Figures Illustrating the Present State of the Eastern Orthodox Church (1935)
  • Saint Sergius - Builder of Russia (Oxford D. Phil. 1939)
  • The Church of the Eastern Christians (1942)
  • Three Russian Prophets: Khomiakov, Dostoevsky, Soloviev (1944)
  • The Reintegration of the Church: A Study in Intercommunion (1952)
  • Orthodox Encounter: The Christian East and the Ecumenical Movement (1961)
  • Il Cristianesimo Orientale (1962)
  • The Russian Religious Renaissance of the Twentieth Century (1963)
  • Wschodnie Chrześcijaństwo (Polish, 1967)
  • The Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius: A Historical Memoir (1979)
  • Sunset Years: a Russian Pilgrim in the West (posthumous memoir, 1983)
  • ロシア正敎会の歴史 (Japanese, 1991)
  • 러시아정교회사: 러시아의일천년신앙역사 (Korean, 1991)

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