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William Winter (July 15, 1836—June 30, 1917) was an American dramatic critic and author, born in Gloucester, Mass. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 1857, then chose literature as his field of endeavor, and moved to New York City (1859), where he became literary critic of the Saturday Press, then (1861-65) of the New York Albion, and for more than 40 years (1865-1909) was a drama critic of the New York Tribune. He died in New York City in 1917.

His writings include:

  • Henry Irving (1885)
  • The Stage Life of Mary Anderson (1886)
  • Shakespeare's England (1888)
  • Gray Days and Gold (1889)
  • Old Shrines and Ivy (1892)
  • Shadows of the Stage (1892, 1893, and 1894)
  • The Life and art of Edwin Booth (1893)
  • The Life and Art of Joseph Jefferson (1894)
  • Brown Heath and Blue Bells (1896)
  • Ada Rehan (1898)
  • Other Days of the Stage (1908)
  • Old Friends (1909)
  • Poems (1909), definitive author's edition
  • Life and Art of Richard Mansfield (1910)
  • The Wallet of Time (1913)
  • a Life of Tyrone Power (1913)
  • Shakespeare on the Stage (two series, 1911-15)
  • Vagrant Memories (1915)

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