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Oswald LeWinter (born 1931) is an Austrian-born American poet. He is also a famous hoaxer, most notably he tried to sell forgeries to Mohamed Fayed in 1998, suggesting that the British intelligence service was involved in Lady Diana's death.[1][2][3]

In the early 1990s, LeWinter was exposed when he was used as source in many publications regarding the October surprise conspiracy, including the works of Barbara Honegger, Richard Brenneke and Gary Sick.[1][1][3]

LeWinter also appeared in two Allan Francovich movies, Gladio (1992) and The Maltese Double Cross (1994).

Born in Vienna, Austria, LeWinter studied at Columbia University, before obtaining degrees from UC Berkeley (B.A. 1960) and San Francisco State College (M.A. 1961).



Oswald LeWinter is a poet, and has also written two books that were published in the Portuguese language, Desmantelar a America (2001) and Democracia e Secretismo (2002).

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