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Eustace Mandeville Wetenhall Tillyard (1889 –1962) was a British classical scholar and literary scholar. He is known mainly for his book The Elizabethan World Picture, as background to Elizabethan Literature, particularly Shakespeare, and for his works on John Milton. He is credited with having put forward the view that Elizabethan literature is not representative of a brief period of humanism between two outbreaks of protestantism, but rather representative of a theological bond in England that allowed for a continuation of the Medieval view of World Order.


  • The Athenian empire and the great illusion (1914)
  • The Hope vases: a catalogue and a discussion of the Hope collection of Greek vases with an introduction on the history of the collection and on late Attic and south Italian vases (1923)
  • Lamb's Criticism. A Selection from the Literary Criticism of Charles Lamb (1923)
  • The Personal Heresy: A Controversy (1939) with C. S. Lewis
  • Elizabethan World Picture: A Study of the Idea of Order in the age of Shakespeare, Donne & Milton(1942)
  • Shakespeare's history plays (1944)
  • Milton (1946)
  • The Miltonic setting: past and present (1947)
  • Poetry and Its background: Illustrated By Five Poems 1470-1870 (1948)
  • Shakespeare's problem plays.(1949)
  • The English Renaissance, Fact Or Fiction? (1952)
  • The Nature of Comedy and Shakespeare (1958)
  • The Epic Strain in the English Novel (1958)
  • Essays Literary & Educational (1962)
  • Comus & Some Shorter Poems Of Milton (1967) with Phyllis B. Tillyard
  • Shakespeare's Early Comedies

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Shakespeare Early Comedies

Shakespeare's Problem Plays

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