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Jesse Macy (1842-1919) was an American political scientist and historian of the late 19th and early 20th century, based at the University of Iowa. He took his PhD from Johns Hopkins University in 1884. He specialized in the history of American political parties and party systems, and the Civil War. He was a leading author of political science textbooks. In Party Organization and Machinery (1904) p. xiv Macy wrote, "While our party system is without Old World models, it is strikingly in harmony with our other forms of political activity...." On p xvi he wrote: "Various references to party and faction found in The Federalist illustrate the type of American ideas which prevailed before the American party system appeared". He included a whole chapter titled: "Effect of the City upon the Party System". In Macy Political parties in the United States, 1846-1861 (1900) he included a chapter on the "Origins of the American Party System."

Publications by Macy

  • Institutional beginnings in a western state Johns Hopkins University, 1884. (online version exists)
  • Our Government. How It Grew, What It Does, And How it Does It (1886 and later editions)
  • The English constitution: a commentary on its nature and growth 1896. (online version exists)
  • Political parties in the United States, 1846-1861 (1900, reprinted 1974)
  • Party Organization and Machinery (1904)
  • Anti-Slavery Crusade: a Chronicle from the Gathering Storm (1919)
  • Jesse Macy: an autobiography / edited and arranged by his daughter, Katharine Macy Noyes. Publisher Springfield, Ill.: C.C. Thomas, 1933.

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