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Enigmas Of History


Hugh Ross Williamson


Hugh Ross Williamson (1901 - 1978) was a prolific British historian, and a dramatist. Starting from a career in the literary world, and having a Nonconformist background, he became an Anglican clergyman in 1943; and later in 1955 a Catholic convert. He wrote many historical works in a Catholic apologist tone.


  • The Poetry of T. S. Eliot (1932)
  • The Seven Deadly Virtues (1936) drama
  • Stories From History (1938)
  • Who is for Liberty? (1939)
  • Paul: A Bond Slave (1945) radio play
  • Charles and Cromwell (1946)
  • The Story Without End (1947)
  • The Arrow and the Sword
  • The Seven Christian Virtues (1949)
  • Four Stuart Portraits (1949)
  • Sir Walter Raleigh (1951)
  • Queen Elizabeth (1951) drama
  • Ackermann's Cambridge (1952)
  • The Story Without an End (1953)
  • The Ancient Capital: an Historian In Search Of Winchester (1953)
  • Canterbury Cathedral (1953)
  • His Eminence of England: the Canterbury Festival Play (1953)
  • The Great Prayer: Concerning the Canon of the Mass (1955)
  • James By the Grace of God (1955)
  • Historical Whodunits (1955)
  • The walled garden : an autobiography (1956)
  • The Beginning of the English Reformation (1957)
  • Enigmas of History (1957)
  • The Day They Killed the King (1957)
  • Who Was the Man in the Iron Mask?
  • The Challenge of Bernadette (1958)
  • The Sisters (1958)
  • The Gunpowder Plot
  • The Conspirators And The Crown (1959)
  • Young People's Book of the Saints (1960)
  • The Flowering Hawthorn (1962)
  • Guy Fawkes (1964)
  • The Modern Mass A Reversion To the Reforms of Cranmer (1969)
  • The Cardinal in England (1970)
  • The Florentine Woman (1970)
  • The Last of the Valois (1971)
  • Paris is Worth a Mass (1971)
  • Kind Kit: an Informal Biography of Christopher Marlowe (1972)
  • Catherine de' Medici (1973)
  • Lorenzo the Magnificent (1974)
  • Captain Thomas Schofield (1975)
  • The Princess A Nun!(1978) (completed by Julian Rathbone
  • Conversation with a Ghost – drama

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