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Born October 10, 1911 (1911-10-10) (age 95)
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
Occupation Journalist

Clare Hollingworth (born October 10, 1911) is famed for getting one of the greatest scoops of modern times when she was the first to report on the outbreak of the Second World War. She was 27 and had only been a journalist for a week when she was on the Polish-German border in 1939, reporting on worsening tensions in Europe. She was working for the Daily Telegraph in London when she sighted a huge line-up of troops, tanks and armoured cars facing Poland.

Her eyewitness account was the first the Foreign Office heard of the invasion and thus made journalistic history. It also started her on a career that spanned several decades and took her to Palestine, Algeria, China, Aden and Vietnam.

She was married twice, first to Vandaleur Robinson in 1936 (it was dissolved in 1951). She married Geoffrey Hoare in 1952; he died in 1966. She has one step-daughter from her second marriage. (Source: Front Line - Biography published 1990)

Since the early 1980s, Hollingworth has been living in central Hong Kong. In 2003, she was hospitalized with a broken femur.

She is the author of five books: Poland's Three Weeks' War (1940); There's a German Right Behind Me (1945); The Arabs and the West (1950); 'Mao and the Men Against Him (1984); and her memoirs, Front Line (1990, updated with Neri Tenorio in 2005).

In February 2006 she launched a legal action against Thomas Edward Juson, AKA Ted Thomas, a British-born expat in Hong Kong, and fellow Foreign Correspondents' Club (see member who had assisted Clare and gained access to her local bank account. She is seeking a Statement of Account of his handling of her finances. The action (number HCA 249/06) is ongoing and has been extensively reported in the Hong Kong media.

In July 2006 Judge Chu delivered a decision on the case, accessible through the Hong Kong judiciary Website:

The defendant however failed to deliver a satisfactory account, and so in January 2007 Judge Chu gave the defendant one more chance - until March 2007 - to deliver the account of his actions, as had been first ordered in mid-2006.

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Arabs And The West
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