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Lionel Edmond Kochan (August 20, 1922–September 25, 2005) was a British historian, who before coming to academia worked in journalism and publishing. He was a doctoral student of Sir Charles Webster. His first post in 1959 was at Edinburgh University; he became Bearsted Reader in Jewish History at Warwick University in 1969.

He was born in London into a secular Jewish family. His scholarly writing became increasingly concerned with Jewish history.


  • Acton on History (1954)
  • Russia and the Weimar Republic (1954)
  • Pogrom: 10 November 1938 (1957)
  • The Making of Modern Russia (1962)
  • The Struggle for Germany 1914-45 (1963)
  • Russia in Revolution 1890-1918 (1966)
  • The Jews in Soviet Russia since 1917 (1970) editor
  • The Russian Revolution (1970)
  • The Jewish Family Album: The Life of a People in Photographs (1974) editor with Miriam Kochan
  • The Jew and His History (1977)
  • The Scapegoats: the Exodus of the Remnants of Polish Jewry (1979) with Josef Banas
  • Jews, Idols and Messiahs: The Challenge from History (1990)
  • The Jewish Renaissance and Some of Its Discontents (1992)
  • Beyond the Graven Image: A Jewish View (1997)
  • The Making of Western Jewry, 1600-1819 (2004)

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Struggle For Germany 1914 To 1945

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