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Medieval Europe From 814 To 1300

Modern Europe From 1250 To 1450

Ephraim Emerton

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Ephraim Emerton, Ph. D. (18 February 1851 - 3 March 1935) was an American historian, born at Salem, Massachusetts.

He graduated at Harvard in 1871 and at Leipzig in 1876. He became a tutor at Harvard in 1876.

Professor Emerton wrote:

  • An Introduction to the Study of the Middle Ages, 375-814 (1888)
  • Mediœval Europe, 814-1300 (1394)
  • Beginnings of Modern Europe (1917)
  • The Defensor Pacis of Marsiglio of Padua (1920)
  • Learning and Living, essays {1921)

Professor Emerton became president of the Cambridge Historical Society in 1921.

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  • Harvard Divinity School

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