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Joseph Gerard Gallagher (born May 4, 1964) is a British Chess International Grandmaster and former British Champion.

Born to Irish parents Norah and Patrick, Gallagher was the eldest child (his sisters Catherine, Noreen, Pauline and Marie, and brother Stephen also played chess). His sister Marie also played chess to an international standard at age 11.[citation needed] He played for many years on the European chess circuit, before marrying and moving to Neuchâtel in Switzerland, taking Swiss nationality, being awarded the title of Grandmaster, and then winning the British Chess Championship in 2001 and the Swiss Chess Championship in 2004 and 2005.

Gallagher is a noted author on various aspects of chess opening theory, being an expert on the King's Indian Defence as black and the King's Gambit as white.[citation needed]

Gallagher is also interested in poker.[citation needed]


  • Gallagher, Joe (1992), Winning With the King's Gambit, Batsford, ISBN 0-7134-6944-7
  • Gallagher, Joe (1998), The Trompovsky, Chess Press, ISBN 1-901259-09-9
  • Gallagher, Joe (2001), The Magic of Mikhail Tal, Everyman Chess, ISBN 1-85744-266-0
  • Gallagher, Joe (2002), Starting Out: the Caro-Kann, Everyman Chess, ISBN 1-85744-303-9

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Winning With The King's Gambit

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