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Samuel Lloyd Osbourne (April 7, 1868 – 1947) was an American author and the step-son of Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson. Osbourne was born in San Francisco to his mother Fanny Osbourne (ne Vandegrift), who would marry Stevenson in 1880 when Osbourne was 12 years old. Osbourne studied engineering at the University of Edinburgh. With Stevenson he went to Samoa where in 1897 he was appointed vice consul to represent the United States. He co-authored three books with his stepfather and provided input and ideas on others. As a boy, Lloyd and his step-father painted a map of an imaginary island, and this quickly formed the inspiration for Stevenson's classic Treasure Island.



Collaborations with Robert Louis Stevenson

  • The Wrong Box
  • Ebb-Tide
  • The Wrecker

Other works

  • Love, The Fiddler
  • The Motormaniacs
  • The Queen Versus Billy and other stories (South Seas)
  • Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas


  • Works by Lloyd Osbourne at Project Gutenberg

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