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Eric C. R. Hehner is a Canadian computer scientist.

Eric Hehner studied mathematics and physics at Carleton University, obtaining his first degree in 1969. He gained a PhD in computer science from the University of Toronto in 1974. He then joined the faculty there, becoming a full professor in 1983. He became the Bell University Chair in Software Engineering in 2001.

Hehner's main research area is formal methods, particularly for programming. He has been influential to many other computer science researchers with his ideas, including Tony Hoare, especially with his concept of predicative programming.


  • E. C. R. Hehner, 1984. Predicative Programming. CACM, 27(2):134–151.
  • E. C. R. Hehner, 1990. A Practical Theory of Programming. Science of Computer Programming, 14(2–3):133–158.
  • E. C. R. Hehner, 2004. From Boolean Algebra to Unified Algebra. Mathematical Intelligencer, 26(2):3–19.

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