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Julius Bär Group or Julius Baer Group is a Swiss banking firm which is the parent company of Bank Julius Bär, a traditional private bank based in Zurich, Switzerland, which dates back to the year 1890 when it was founded by the famous banker Julius Bär. The Julius Baer Group manages substantial assets for private and institutional clients from all over the world. The Group's services consist mainly of asset management, wealth management and investment consultation, investment funds for private and institutional investors as well as securities and foreign exchange trading. Due to its comprehensive service and product range, spanning all areas of asset management, clients from around the world have entrusted Julius Baer with assets totaling CHF 151 billion at mid-2005.

Apart from its head offices in Switzerland, the bank has offices in Frankfurt, Milan, Geneva, Dubai, Grand Cayman and New York.

In September 2005, Julius Bär acquired the independent private banks Ferrier Lullin, Ehinger & Armand von Ernst, Banco di Lugano, and the asset management house Global Asset Management from the Swiss banking giant UBS AG, to become one of the largest independent wealth management firms in Switzerland. The companies of the Group are consolidated within Julius Baer Holding Ltd., whose shares are listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange. Julius Baer’s market capitalization amounts to around CHF 4.0 billion.


The Julius Baer Group still adheres to a maxim coined by the original bank's founder, Julius Bär: "If contact between people is based on trust and absolute integrity, it cannot fail to benefit both sides".

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