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Lancelot Law Whyte (1896–1972) was a Scottish financier and industrial engineer.[1]

He claimed to have worked with Albert Einstein on the unified field theory.[2]. He further claimed that this work was based on the theory of the 18th century natural philosopher Roger Boscovich.[3].

Whyte proposed something he called "the unitary principle" to unify physics theories.[4] Experimental work on this theory was carried out by Leo Baranski.[5]

His work has been mostly forgotten by academia.


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  • Classical unified field theories


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[edit Books

  • Internal Factors in Evolution (Soc. Sci. Pbs.), Lancelot Law Whyte. Tavistock Pubns. 1968
  • Unconscious Before Freud (Soc. Sci. Pbs.), Lancelot Law Whyte. Tavistock Pubns. 1967
  • The Next Development in Man, Lancelot Law Whyte, et al. Transaction Publishers,U.S. 2002
  • The Universe of Experience: A Worldview Beyond Science and Religion, Lancelot Law Whyte, et al. Transaction Publishers,U.S. 2003
  • Hierarchical Structures, Lancelot Law Whyte (Editor). Elsevier 1969
  • Essay on Atomism: From Democritus to 1960, Lancelot Law Whyte. Nelson 1961
  • The atomic problem: A challenge to physicists and mathematicians,Lancelot Law Whyte. Allen & Unwin 1961]]

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Essay On Atomism From Democritus To 1960

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