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The Hon. Mr Justice James Creed Meredith (28 November 1875 - 14 August 1942) was an Irish lawyer and judge and a Kant scholar.

James Creed Meredith was the son of Sir James Creed Meredith (1842-1912), by his third wife (and first cousin), Ellen Graves Meredith (d.1919), daughter of The Rev. Richard Graves Meredith (1810-1871), Rector of Timoleague and Knockavilly, Co. Cork.

He was unusual amongst Protestants and graduates of Trinity College Dublin of his era, in that he was an active supporter of Sinn Fin and the revolutionary Dil government between 1919 and 1922. He served as the President of the Dil Supreme Court from 1920-22.

In 1914, James Creed Meredith had approached Sir Thomas Myles to use his yacht, the Chotah, to land guns for the Irish Volunteers at Kilcoole. Meredith himself helped out aboard the Chotah during the operation.

He served on the High Court from 1924 to 1937 and then on the Supreme Court until his death.

He was Vice-President of the Supreme Saar Plebiscite Tribunal 1934-1935.

In 1896 Meredith was the British quarter mile champion runner. In 1908 he married (Amy) Lorraine Seymour (1881-), daughter of Charles Percy of Weredale Park, Montreal, by his wife Annie (one of his mother's first cousins), the daughter of (Ralph) Henry Howard Meredith (1815-1892) of Port Hope, Upper Canada. They left two daughters, Moira and Brenda.


  • Kant's Critique of aesthetic judgement / translated with seven introductory essays, notes, and analytical index (Oxford, 1911)
  • Proportional representation in Ireland (Dublin and London, 1913)
  • (with Hector Hughes) The Increase of Rent and Mortgage Interest (Restrictions) Act, 1920 (Dublin, 1920)
  • The rainbow in the valley (Dublin, 1939) (science fiction)
  • Nell Nelligan: a romance of the Irish volunteers (Dublin, 1940) (novel)

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Kants Critique Of Aesthetic Judgement

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