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Gerald Vann

Gerald Vann (24 August 1906 - 14 July 1963) was a British theologian and philosopher. He was joined the Dominican Order in 1923 and was ordained as a priest in 1929. He has written on just war theory and St. Thomas Aquinas

Published works include:

  • On Being Human (1933)
  • Morals Makyth Man (1937; repr. as Morals and Man, 1960)
  • Morality and War (1939)
  • Of his Fullness (1939)
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas (1940)
  • The Heart of Man (1944)
  • The Divine Pity (1945)
  • Eve and the Gryphon (1946)
  • His Will is our Peace (1947)
  • The Pain of Christ and the Sorrow of God (1947)
  • Awake in Heaven (1948)
  • The Two Trees (1948)
  • The Seven Swords (1950)
  • The High Green Hill (1951)
  • The Wisdom of Boethius (1950)
  • The Water and the Fire (1953)
  • Stones or Bread (1957)
  • The Paradise Tree (1959)
  • The Sons Course (1959)
  • Blackfriars School, 1659-1959 (1959)
  • To Heaven with Diana (1960)
  • The Eagles Word (1961)
  • The Missal Step by Step (with D. A. Young and P. Quail, illustrator, 1963)
  • Moral Dilemmas (1963)

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Morals And Man

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