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Edwin Burtt


Edwin Arthur Burtt (1892-1989) was an American philosopher, who wrote extensively on the philosophy of religion.

He was educated at Yale University, Union Theological Seminary and Columbia University. He became the prestigious Susan Linn Sage Professor of Philosophy at Cornell University in 1941.

[edit Works

  • The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Physical Science. A Historical and Critical Essay (1925)
  • The Metaphysics of Sir Isaac Newton (1925)
  • Religion In An Age Of Science (1930)
  • Principles and Problems of Right Thinking (1931)
  • The English Philosophers, from Bacon to Mill (1939)
  • Types Of Religious Philosophy (1939)
  • The Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha (1955)
  • Man Seeks the Divine: A Study in the History and Comparison of Religions (1957)
  • In Search Of Philosophic Understanding (1965)

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English Philosophers From Bacon To Mill

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