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David Mitrany

David Mitrany (1888 – 1975), a Romanian born, naturalized British scholar, was a historian and political theorist. His work is the basis of the theory of functionalism, also known as liberal institutionalism (see Liberalism), and international functionalism.

Mitrany pioneered modern integrative theory. This discipline is the third main liberal approach to international relations (along with international liberalism and idealism). The basic principle maintains that international (not only economical) cooperation is the best means of softening antagonism in the international environment.

Selected Bibliography

  • Romania, her history and politics (1915)
  • Greater Romania: a study in national ideals (1917)
  • The problem of international sanctions (1925)
  • The land and the peasant in Romania: the War and agrarian reform, 1917-1921 (1930)
  • The progress of international government (1933)
  • The effect of the War in south eastern Europe (1936)
  • A working peace system (1943)
  • The road to security (1944)
  • American interpretations (1946)
  • World unity and the nations (1950)
  • Marx against the peasant: a study in social dogmatism (1951)
  • Food and freedom (1954)
  • The functional theory of politics (1975)

See also

  • Neofunctionalism
  • Functionalism
  • Liberalism


  • British Library of Political and Economical Science

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