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Arthur Twining Hadley (1856-1930) was an economist who served as President of Yale University from 1899 to 1921.

He was born in New Haven, Connecticut, the son of James Hadley, Professor of Greek at Yale 1851-1872, and his wife ne Anne Loring Morris. He graduated from Yale College in 1876, where he was a member of Skull & Bones; and was then appointed a faculty member in political economy from 1879 to 1899. His course in economics became a favorite of undergraduates, and he wrote a classic study of the economics of railroad transportation. He became president of Yale in 1899— the first president who was not a minister— and guided it through a period of expansion and consolidation.

He married Helen Harrison Morris.

After his retirement, he and his wife went on a world cruise, visiting Europe, India, and China. As the ship was approaching Japan, Hadley contracted pneumonia and died on shipboard, and the body was prepared in Japan for return to New Haven and interment in Grove Street Cemetery. When the coffin was opened prior to burial, Hadley was clothed in a yellow Japanese kimono with a samurai sword placed alongside.

Grove Street Cemetery's Egyptian Revival gateway is inscribed The Dead Shall Be Raised, and most Yale presidents since it was built—and Hadley was no exception—have at some point quipped that the dead would most certainly be raised if Yale needs the land. Most are now buried there.

[edit Books

  • Railroad Transportation - 1885
  • Economics: An Account of the Relations between Private Property and Public Welfare - 1896
  • Undercurrents in American Politics - 1915
  • The Conflict between Liberty and Equality - 1925

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