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Lillian R. Lieber (1886-1986) was a mathematician and popular author. Many generations of readers have been inspired and influenced by her popular books on mathematics and its philosophical implications.[1] She often teamed up with her illustrator husband, Hugh Gray Lieber to produce visually compelling works.


Life and Career

Early Life

Lieber was one of four children of Clara and Abraham Rosanoff.


Lieber was head of the math department at Long Island University and the Galois Institute of Mathematics and Art in Brooklyn, New York until her retirement in 1950.[1] Her highly accessible writings were praised by no less than Albert Einstein, C. J. Keyser, E. T. Bell, and S. I. Hayakawa. Concerning her book, The Education of T. C. MITS, Dorothy Canfield Fisher said:

"This is quite different from any other book you ever bought... full of mathematics and full of humor... also full of a deep, healing philosophy of life, reassuring, strengthening, [and] humane..."[2]

Personal Obscurity

Few details of Lillian Lieber's life and career have survived, even at Long Island University.[1]

Unusual Typography

In addition to enlivening her books with illustrations by her husband, Hugh Gray Lieber (who was head of the Department of Fine Arts at Long Island University), Lillian often chose an unusual scheme of typography which is self-explained in this example from her Preface to The Education of T. C. MITS:

This is not intended to be
free verse.
Writing each phrase on a separate line
facilitates rapid reading,
and everyone
is in a hurry

"The Lillian Lieber Standard"

In her highly accessible book, The Einstein Theory of Relativity, Lillian Lieber stated her views on the inclusion of mathematics in books intended for "the celebrated man [or woman] in the streets:"

"...just enough mathematics to HELP and NOT to HINDER the lay reader... Many 'popular' discussions of Relativity without any math at all have been written, but we doubt whether even the best of these can possibly give to a novice an adequate idea of what it is all about.... On the other hand, there are many [books on relativity] that are accessible to experts only."

The Cavendish Press in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has adopted Lillian's rule of thumb with some elaboration.[3]


Although her works were broadly influential (including a special paperback edition of The Education of T. C. MITS that was circulated to American servicemen during World War II), all seem to be out of print today; however, the MITS book is being republished by Paul Dry Books, Inc. on June 1, 2007 (ISBN 1589880331). Used copies of the rest of her books can often be found at various Internet booksellers.

  • 1931 Non-euclidean Geometry, Academy Press.
  • 1932 Galois and the Theory of Groups, Science Press Printing Company, Lancaster, Pa.
  • 1936 The Einstein Theory of Relativity, Science Press Printing Co., Lancaster, PA.
  • 1940 Non-euclidean Geometry: Three Moons in Mathesis, Science Press Printing Co., Lancaster, PA.
  • 1942 The Education of T. C. MITS, The Galois Institute Press, Long island University.
  • 1944 The Education of T. C. MITS, W. W. Norton & Co., NY, (Revjsed & Enlarged edition)
  • 1945 The Einstein theory of Relativity, Farrar & Rinehart, NY. (Part I of this edition is the same material published in 1936. Part II was new in this edition.
  • 1946 Modern Mathematics for T. C. Mits, The Celebrated Man in the Street, G. Allen & Unwin Ltd, London, 1st London Edition.
  • 1946 Take a Number: Mathematics for the Two Billion, The Jacques Cattell Press, Lancaster, PA.
  • 1947 Mits, Wits and Logic, (1st Edition) W.W. Norton, NY.
  • 1949 The Einstein Theory of Relativity, D. Dobson, London.
  • 1953 Infinity Rinehart, NY.
  • 1954 Mits, Wits, and Logic, (Revised Edition) Galois Institute Press, Brooklyn.
  • 1959 Lattice Theory; the Atomic Age in Mathematics, Galois Institute of Mathematics and Art, Brooklyn, NY.
  • 1960 Mits, Wits, and Logic, (3d Edition) W. W. Norton, NY.
  • 1961 Human Values and Science, Art and Mathematics, (1st Edition) W. W. Norton, NY.
  • 1963 Mathematics: First S-t-e-p-s, F. Watts, NY.


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  • Image of a letter referencing the Armed Services Edition of The Education of T. C. MITS.
  • A web version of Chapter 1 of The Einstein Theory of Relativity, including illustrations by Hugh Lieber.

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