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Mary Proctor (1862–September 11, 1957) was an American astronomer.

She was the daughter of Mary and Richard Proctor. Her father was a British popularizer of astronomy, and she gained her knowledge of the subject from him. She authored many articles for newspapers and journals, and wrote a number of popular books.

Proctor crater on the Moon was named after her. (The Proctor crater on Mars was named after her father.)

[edit Bibliography

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  • Half Hours With The Summer Stars, 1911.
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  • The Children's Book Of The Heavens, 1924.
  • Evenings With The Stars, 1924.
  • Legends Of The Sun And Moon, 1926.
  • The Romance Of Comets, 1926.
  • The Romance Of The Sun, 1927.
  • The Romance Of The Moon, 1928.
  • The Romance Of The Planets, 1929.
  • Wonders Of The Sky, 1931.
  • Our Stars Month By Month, 1937
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  • Everyman's Astronomy 1939.
  • Comets, Meteors And Shooting Stars, 1940.

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